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Klaus Haasis

Description / Bio

Klaus Haasis is a certified Systemic Coach and Personcentered Counsellor with degrees in media engineering and journalism. He is committed in supporting and coaching entrepreneurs, executives, clusters and teamsin innovation management and creative thinking, and he is a business angel through his company Combine Innovation GmbH.



  •  Person-centred leadership, challenging leadership and decision-making situations.
  • Team development and personal assesments
  •  Strategies for entrepreneurial and personal strategies and development
  •  Dealing with high loads, transition management.
  •  Innovation Coaching - innovation in systems and innovative systems.
  •  Dealing with resistance, "integrative rule breaking".
  •  Promoting cooperation processes within and between companies, sectors, industries, regions.   Consulting in the fields of politics and public enterprises.
  •  Communication architecture for direct and virtual communication.
  •  Leading virtual teams, e-leadership.
  •  Intercultural cooperation.
  •  Pretotyping and Prototyping for founders



Person-centred counselling after Carl Rogers, hypno-systemic coaching after Gunther Schmidt, imagination techniques, working with images and visualization, use of games and interaction tasks, using the “inner team” model, Inszenario, psychodrama, focusing.

Using Methods from Effectuation, Lean Startup, Pretotyping, Scrum / Agile Management, Design Thinking.


Klaus Haasis was for 18 years founding CEO of MFG Public Innovation Agency Baden-Württemberg,
one of the leading innovation agencies in Europe fostering Creative Industries, Media and ICT.
He is recognized as one of Europe´s most experienced designers and managers of innovation systems and collaboration processes.

Klaus Haasis has successfully built companies and agencies, business cluster initiatives and networks like Baden-Württemberg: Connected and the Open Source Business Alliance. He is a Director and Secretary of TCI - Network for Clusters, Competitiveness and Innovation in Barcelona and since 2013 founding board member of the German Initiative on Future Leadership IZF. He combines in an unique way management know-how, leadership experience, person-centred skills and hypno-systemic coaching expertise. Klaus held a number of key leadership positions such as at the private television network SAT.1 and Hoechst, one of the biggest
chemical and pharmaceutical companies in the world. He lives in Stuttgart and Rome.

Consulting Category: Business modelling (General), Management, Strategy, Planning (General), Marketing, sales (General), Finance (General)
Timezone: UTC