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25 May 2014 07:23p.m.

New Consultant: Mark Taylor, Museum expert


Hello @diversity participants,

we are very happy to introduce to you the next high-level expert that joined our network. The former director of the UK Museums Association and founding member of NEMO, Mark Taylor will help you from now on with all museum related questions. Here is what he is saying about himself and what he can offer you:

"If you want detailed knowledge and understanding of the operational side of running a museum than I may not be the person for you.  However, if you want a wider perspective on the museums across the world, the trends, problems and opportunities, then I will be more help.  If you also need suggestions, contacts and examples of work that is happening in the public and private sector in relation to museums and galleries then, if I do not have the answers, then I can help you in the search to find them.  As somebody with experience of fund raising, trading, project management and advocacy I hope to be able to provide guidance and thoughtfulness."


Best wishes and happy consulting,

Your @diversity Team