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30 May 2014 04:05p.m.

New Consultant: Margherita Sani, Museum Expert

Hello @diversity participants,

we are very happy to introduce to you our new high-level expert on museums. Margherita Sani is woking for the Istituto Beni Culturali of the Region Emilia-Romagna and coordinates the Learning Museum Network (NEM) which now features 85 members from 25 European countries, the USA and Argentina. She will help you from now on with all museum related questions. Here is what she is saying about herself and what she can offer you:

“Hello, my name is Margherita Sani. I work in the museum field and over the years I have become part of many European and international networks, so I hope I can help you connect with museum organisations.”

Best wishes and happy consulting,

Your @diversity Team


May 30, 2014, 4:37 p.m. / Idea Teams / @smartart

Welcome, great new consultant!