Innovative ideas for cultural and creative sectors in Europe


Crowdfunding Platform

BeCrowdy is an innovative crowdfunding platform focused on cultural interchange. It aims to promote the flow of ideas and projects on an international scale, ranging from visual arts to music, theater, photography, dance and art, and to create a network of collaboration with "promoters", such as artistic directors, festivals and cultural venues.


BeCrowdy is a project with a high level of innovation, because: - It is based on the mechanism of crowdfunding, a new and fast-growing phenomenon - It aims to promote intercultural exchange. Unlike other platforms, we want to make sure that the projects and ideas are not only funded but are then projected outside of the home country. This international projection, focused on the exchange of experiences and expertise, will definitely set us apart from the existing crowdfunding platforms. - Involving the public, artists and promoters, BeCrowdy is an innovative platform because it is not only focused on supporting projects that aim to create 'tangible' products (such as CDs, books, magazines, artwork, etc.) but also events and true sharing experiences, in which the “live” component becomes increasingly important.


BeCrowdy is a crowdfunding website that makes innovative use of ICT. We feel that nowadays only the web can create a meeting point between those who propose projects and those who finance and support them and this is why we have decided to create a new type of platform, which offers alternative ways of financing, promoting, supporting and spreading culture. Through the use of ICT technologies, BeCrowdy is a new way of financing culture but at the same times facilitates the process of spreading culture and accessing culture as well.

Target Group

Our target groups are the designer/project manager, the public/crowd and the promoter. We think that BeCrowdy responds to the needs of all the parties involved: -The need for the designer/project manager to bring his creativity beyond local boundaries, to build an idea and see it grow thanks to the support of others and receive a feedback from them. The service we are offering the designer/project manager is INTERCHANGE YOUR PROJECT: the possibility for the most deserving projects to be “exported”, the chance to be in contact with foreign promoters and also create an internal network between project managers. - The need of the crowd to fully participate in a project, to contribute and be part of a community. The service we are offering the crowd is DISCOVER A PROJECT: the possibility to recommend interesting artists and promoters and receive news on projects and related ideas, also based on the community’s preferences. - The need of the "promoter" to create events that correspond to the needs of the market and to reduce the risk of failure. The service we are offering the promoters (such as associations, institutions, cultural festivals etc) is PROMOTE A PROJECT: they will have direct access to a list of projects and will have contact with the designers to find a meeting point and jointly develop an idea.


The project is in its early stages: we are in the design phase (definition of objectives, services to offer, etc.) and activation phase (researching for funds, doing feasibility studies). We have developed a name and a logo and we are starting to work on the creation of the platform, trying to study and analyze the phenomenon of crowdfunding and its potential. In the next 6 months we will focus on the creation of the crowdfunding platform and of the network of contacts. We will then start the advertising and marketing campaign to promote the website as much as possible. By the end of the first 12 months of our work, we aim to launch the platform. We will then focus on creating a community and involving the public. Subsequently, we will make sure that our network continues to grow and that the platform is constantly updated and developing.


From an economic point of view, the concept of crowdfunding is based on the idea that every project must have a goal, and if this goal is reached, the artist/designer receives sums of money offered by his audience. Only in this case, BeCrowdy retains a fee that varies according to the type and purpose of the project, between 5 and 10% of the amount collected, while if the project is unsuccessful there is no charge. Initially, the platform will support itself through this mechanism, and all efforts will be focused in expanding the community as much as possible. In the second phase of our development plan, economic sustainability will be ensured by the implicit expansion of the community and the involved projects, together with the acquisition of sponsors who may want to connect their brand to our platform, creating events and cultural exchanges that will see them as protagonists.