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Culterra - location-based experiential giving platform

Location Based Funding

Online tool allowing real-time donation of money via website and smartphone application at the certain cultural spot based on experiential giving and crowd-funding principles. The core idea is adding GPS positions of cultural events and object (e.g. buildings) to the map enriched by verified information about owners and/or organizers of event.


If you see some cultural object (e.g. bulding or statue) or participating at some event, you could feel a need to immediatelly donate some money - this is called experiential giving (impuls). However, in a most cases there is no quick, simple and clear way how to do it. Culterra would like to establish the platform accessible via the website (with responsive design) and via application for the smartphones. These interfaces would allow anybody to donate =on the spot=, meaning support an event or an object without necessity to lengthily search how to do it (which fails in a most cases). The main feature would therefore be: quick and easy location-based donation based on database of verified information about the owners and organizers. As a side-effect, database of objects can be crowd-sourced by the open community and continuosly grow based on the impulses from users. History of personal donations could be also further analyzed, donations rewarded (e.g. based on leaderboards) and recommandations generated.


The core of the solution is a single database accessible via different interfaces like web-browsers (incl. smartphone browsers) and application for smartphones. It utilizes information about the GPS position of the user/device and enables search based on this position. Afterwards, all objects and events nearby could be downloaded, presented to the user and let him donate as quickly as possible (one-stop-shop). The added value of the application for smartphones comes with the ability to use (premium) SMS features for donation and possible integration with smart- (or m-) banking applications already installed in such a device. Application could also directly trigger some additional events like notifications and reminders. Culterra also needs to support =widgets=, virtual objects that could be embeded into any website, and integration with third-parties like location-based service Foursquare. This can be used as an addition channel for mainstreaming of the platform outputs.

Target Group

The target groups could be defined as: 1) travelers; meaning, people who already move all around the countries, search for the cultural objects and events, visit and participate. (such a group represents quite a huge movement overlapping with: people already active in e.g. Geocaching and Foursquare movements, families traveling with the kids and elderly people). 2) owners of objects and organizers of events; they can establish verified connection (and payments channel) between organization and object/event, promote it and use it as a crowd-funding tool.


We already have a very early stage prototype as a proof of concepts and set of use-cases for the next phases (beta version, release and future development). There is a need to find an investor(s) for the creation of the database and interfaces (as a first step); and afterwards for the initial data gathering and marketing of the idea (second step). As soon as we reach the critical mass in our own country (both on the side of users and organizations involved), we are ready to set up a new business model and introduce some other offerings (see sustainability) and - as a next big step - cover also some other country(ies).


Sustainability (and therefore also income side of the budget) could be based on: - advertisements put into the content - special profiles for organizations (better visibility) - small fees per transactions - integration into the larger concept of our NGOs portfolio of the work with the marginalized groups (as an employees), therefore as a part of the social enterpreneurship iniciative - direct donation and grants for the Culterra platform by the users and/or sponsors (incl. partnerships with stakeholders)