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cultural organic 3d mesh

The evolving Forum

A 3D enriched interactive environment of cultural thoughts, options, images and other media, in which visitors can engage and build interrelations in multiple dimensions. The complex collage is in fact a forum that evolves and that represents relations in ideas and information, visualizing the dynamic and organic nature of culture.


Engaging in a 3D visualisation gives a new perception and perspective on how ideas are interconnected. The network helps to understand the complexity of opinions and how they dynamically evolve. Cultural thoughts are brought into context with relevant news, images and videos that are provided by participants.


Technology For the network to work, a modular content management system is necessary in which multiple users can add and exhange modular data-structures and make the interrelated multi-dimensional data accessible from different points of view. In other words: the data structures are not presented as a main landing page, but have different independent entrances. Each entrance (like a landing page) is maintained by its main publisher. A software system for this purpose (modular cms) is under development at RAYS and will be further developed to provide more features and plugins for external developers to add even more functionality. One of the key features that need further development is the implementation of webGL for 3-dimensional representation and visualisation of multi-dimensional datastructures. In the future these features need to be further optimesed for the use on mobile devices and interactive display systems in public environments. This will eventually develop into a public cultural service that can be installed in various public spaces (for instance down town major cities) to provide a virtual both as fysical gate into what is happening internationally on many cultural levels and which may be brought into relation with the actual geolocation of that interactive display.

Target Group

People that find active engaging in discussions and find sharing ideas important. (generally between the age 18 and 50 as they are most active). People interested in cultural exchange in general. Tourists that visit a fysical portal, looking for cultural information in that geolocation. Research institutes that use the analysing tool (within the system) on the dynamics of the growing relations to research how cultural thoughts evolve. Cultural institutions that participate and publish and advertise on the forum.


Tuning of the software system that is already in development to reach the point of a proof of concept. Finding software developers to join the team, mainly in the fields of data-architecture and high-traffic webservices, security and spectacular 3d data-visualisation. Finding partners for the communication (marketing towards attracting active visitors). Finding hardware partners for high-traffic servers. Finding hardware partners for installations in public spaces. Finding cultural content partners that participate, specially in the startup phase as they should provide rich content during the launch of the project (to attract participating visitors).


Navigating through the collage of material, users can leave their own remarks and add media (pictures, video's) and add events. The collage therefor grows with every visitor. Also a visitor can add a new topic under each collage-node, thereby creating a new storyline. Creating interrelations and adding new information, enable other users to find previously unrelated content. Node Paths. A node is a post (containing media, text etc) and has relations to other nodes (as created by users). While visiting and navigating the CO network, visitors are going from one post to another, called node-paths. The system keeps track of each node visited by users. Certain node-paths will be traveled more frequently and thereby gain in mainstream acception. This is rewarded backwards to the contributors (and can be monetised) and forms an incentive for more contributions in the future. multiplier effect: Since all data is interrelated and expandable, the full library of posts grows into a vast cloud of topics, sections, opinions, calenders and media in the future. Plugin protocols for the exchange towards external parties make it possible for developers to use the interrelated data for various other applications, such as local- or international apps. Data of interrelation will be made available for cultural studies: what groups are interested in which topics, and how do these interests evolve. This enables institutions to investigate culture and promote the network.