Innovative ideas for cultural and creative sectors in Europe

Enchoris Innovative Instruments for Creative Cultural Managment

The Virtual Instrument

Enchoris provides software instruments that can improve the work life of musicians and performers and ensures the sustainable future of cultural institutions during the austerity crisis. In order to continue to provide excellent cultural projects under strict budgets orchestras, choirs and dance groups have to make the most out of the employees.


The usage of the enchoris instruments by orchestras, choirs and dancegroups leads to an improvement of the worklife of the artists and ensures that the cultural institutions have the right tools to efficiently grow their audience and educate the public. The innovation within the enchoris instruments is that via the software instruments the artists can be involved in the management procedure and create added value. This can be done by either supporting the audience development by blogging and creating content on social media and by efficiently provide new educational projects that enable new forms of financing. Just like an orchestra needs a set of instruments to perform on an artist level it needs tools to become sustainable on both a performing and financing level. Custom tailored solutions that are made for artists and are not simply business concepts redesigned can make a huge difference.


Enchoris is a web based platform that integrates web applications with mobile apps based on user experience. The management, the artists and the audience are provided different interfaces that apply to the user profiles. In other words the unique technical aspect of the project is the application of multiple interfaces. By developing the project on HTML5 standards with responsive layouts it is ensured that every module works cross-platform and on every screen size. This ensures the sustainable development, usage and maintenance of the software both on a mobile and an operating system level.

Target Group

Enchoris reaches out to professional and semiprofessional orchestras, choirs and dancegroups. The main focus for the first phase of the project is the German speaking countries which make our for 40% of the institutions in Europe. The software is being developed in two languages German and English. In order to achieve excellence on both an artistic and management level enchoris is developing orchestar, nchor and choreog that respectively cover the needs of orchestras, choirs and dancegroups. The three software instruments consist out of the same three apps namely the audience, management and education app. The former enables the connection with the audience and is a combination of a mobile app and a social media control center enabling the institution to easily manage online content and easily integrate the artists in this procedure. The management app is a project management tool with an integrated app made for project management. The last module is the education app which is a support instrument for educational projects.


For the next phase of the project a beta phase is planned. Named Prelude, which in musical terms means giving a foretaste, the idea is going to be tested and the procedure is going to be documented. As a result of working with institutions and artists the solutions will be fine tuned in a codesign procedure a a conference will follow in which the insights will be shared with the classical world community.


Enchoris wants to enable Private Public Partnerships and become an Equity special purpose vehicle for the Cultural Institutions. This includes enabling sponsoring of both the Software and the Apps by companies. Enchoris can be supported by foundations and become an instrument so that orchestras, choirs and dancegroups get extra sponsoring and financing. Enchoris strives to support Cultural institutions in growing a sustainable audience and reaching high perfomance on a collaboration level. Additionally the software needs of educations projects are covered. Audience development, Teambuilding and Education are the main challenges cultural institutions have to face. Enchoris ensures quality and gives arguments that ensure Public Financing and make Sponsoring attractive.