Innovative ideas for cultural and creative sectors in Europe

Exporting culture

Digital TV Exchange

My idea is based to build a Platform to promote the selling of the cultural products. The Platform will have the role of brokering and the selling of cultural and audiovisual productions to TV Companies and Digital TVs.


My idea is creating a Platform to facilitate the commercial selling of performances of artists and cultural spetaclures in different thematics as the Theatre, Opera, Lyric and the Cultural Documentaries. The Products cultural can load in this Platform to create a network of Companies Tv with the possibility wich the cultural products can become a cultural program for the Tv. The Social Effects are: Promoting the "local cultures" in relation of global market Promoting the economic sustainability of the theatres and cultural organizations. The Platform acquires a percentage on the selling of cultural productions to Companies Tv. The cultural organizations can create their business with this system Facilitate the internationalization of culture with the digital tecnologies for the Global Market Marketing and sponsorship of the Cultural and Artistic Districts to show their cultural products on platform Promoting the economic indipendence of the artists at international level


The Platform will be the network of different cultural organizations to load the audiovisual productions with specific criterias. The Platform will have a role of connection between the cultural organizations and Companies Tv. The Platform 2.0 will show the cultural productions to sell to the Companies Tv. The digital tecnologie will be a resource "to export the culture" in glocal format. With this application the Digital Tv can buy the cultural productions for inserting in their cultural programs. The Platform will have a digital payment system where a part of the payment will go to the cultural organizations wich have made the cultural productions. A percentual part of payment will go to the enterprise 2.0. This system facilitates the cultural organizations with the good possibility to increase their their economic sustainibility.

Target Group

The Target of these services are TV Companies. They can insert the performances to their cultural programs to personalize the services to their large audience This System can promote the Cultural performances to all of the TV Companies in the World


The next steps of my idea are: Creating a Platform and implement its usufully of using Creating a network with Theatres, Cultural Cooperatives , Cultural Accademies , Creative Industries with the collaboration of the Cultural and Representative Istitutions The jury of the experts can value the admission of cultural productions on the Platform to sell it to TV Companies


The business will be built by the selling of the cultural products to the Companies of TV and digital TVs at level international. A part of payment will be sent to the Cultural Organizations wich have made the cultural performance and the other part of payment will go to the Entreprise 2.0. The jury of the experts can value the arts performance for the specific criterias. They will be from the world of no profit culture. This application will be a resource to start up the process of internationalization of this tipology of the market for the exporting and for connecting the local culture to the global market.