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Icaro Inc Arts Platform

Cross-Arts Magazine

Icaro Inc is an online platform in which every different discipline of arts come together through a multimedia magazine. The community online decides, which will be the content published so it´s totally a participative project of auto edition. Also we organize events as literature contests, arts exhibition and so to promote art and interaction between.


Icaro Inc is an online platform where many different artistic disciplines come together, and also interact, like literature, music, design, photo and so on. We are an online community where every user has the chance to decide wich will be the next contents published in the next issue of the magazine we edit. Every edition of the magazine is builded up with the contents decided by our users. Within its pages, you can find sections, related to contemporary arts like literature, paint, photo, music, also interacting together making mixes. With further development, we plan to include in the multimedia magazine a video section and also audio. So it will be possible for example, also for someone like a dj, find people who could make a video for his next hit, as well as mix literature with music. We are an innovative international platform, also because we organize events. For example, one evening related to literature was organized with different artists. All of the poems were published online in our platform during the evening, and also the public assistant had the chance to vote wich one was going to be published with the rest of the content in our next number magazine. Talking about events, as an extra sponsorship for european artists, we organize also exhibitions of artists who have been published in the magazine, always chosen by the community online.This is an open autoedition platform related to contemporary disciplines of art.


Through the internet, we need a well developed web page system, where we will articulate the platform to keep growing and allow the creation of an online community who will be able to upload artworks as well as comment and vote all the contents submitted by the community for every new edition contest of the magazine. After 5 years of work, we have artists from all around Europe, and growing. In the future, further technological work will be needed, to be able to include music, audio, and also video sections in the platform and in the multimedia magazine for new contest and further interaction between different art disciplines. We also use social networks to invite the community to participate in our events and promote our work.

Target Group

Even when our idea is open for everyone, we focus mainly on the young european people, interested in arts and culture on two sides. On one side, those who are interested in vote and opine about different works submitted by the artists to build the magazine, and on the other side, those artists who want to know opinions and try to get sponsored and published. This is the main target, young people between 15-40 years old people, but as we said before, everyone is invited.


First next step is the new web page, including new possibilities and functions to include more artistic disciplines, and make the all process easier and more intuitite for the people that in our older web page. Important thing is to have the right positioning on the web, so we will work with a professional of the sector to get a better rank and number of visitors, to spread and get to know the project for more people. We would like also, to organize events like a festival, an arts exhibition, internationally to keep promoting the project, with partners in Amsterdam or Berlin, for example.


With the right positioning of our web page on the internet and the growing numvber of visitors, having currently reached a peak of 10.000 readers of numbers of our magazine, our web page is also made to create traffic, so it will be highly interesting for a company to have a banner in the web page. Also, within the pages of the magazine is possible to include advertisement, like in a regular magazine, also offering innovatives ways of doing this, like contests related to advertisement introduced to our community of artists. There are other ways to make this project sustainable, like organizing events and getting rewarded by them. We curate arts echibitions to promote the artists published in the magazine, as well as literature events and so on in clubs.