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IMP - Interactive Movie Platform

All for one Film

In order to understand the culture, you have to experience it. IMP is an artistic and creative form of participation in culture. Interactive video is created through interactive choices a person from any corner of the world, choosing between media, archives, information about a particular culture combined into one coherent interactive film.


Interactive movie is a combination of film aesthetics with video game logic. Interactivity is not just technology, is a new kind of narrative that gives freedom to the viewer without closing it on website or in the assembled film, in which he has no influence on anything. The film is primarily a modern meeting place for people from different cultures who can create and experience something together during the movie. Our platform gives almost unlimited possibilities in archiving and connecting multiple different media sources available in any form. We are focused on building truly multimedia interactive narratives, combining all available mediums to communicate our stories (both in local and global context), and link together multiple data sources, available on- and off-line. Interactive videos and documents are the future in presentation and encourage people to participate in the culture. Interactivity stimulates the audience without giving them a ready solution. Interactive Movie Platform is a collection of all the information about the topic and present this knowledge as a media phenomenon, part of which is each user. Suddenly, in one place there are videos, interviews, archives, reproductions in good resolution, a forum and an opportunity to request a question. You can download the application, which, like the film will be a guide when you arrive at a place of interest to us.


Our idea is based on level of interaction available only using newest computer technologies. For our project made for Centrum Kultury Zamek in Poznań we've prepared set of libraries and tools that help us create online interactive movies. Core of the system is set of JavaScript libraries that provides interactive video functionality on the web. We are using newest web technologies, including HTML5 and CSS3, this allowed us to create framework that doesn't use depraceted Flash technology. This library is reusable and extensible, and we are still working on enhancing it and providing new functionalities. This framework needs specially prepared configuration file that hold informations about movie scenes graph (which scenes, and how, are connected). To make interactive video creation easier we are building special software tool that will provide easy graphical interface for building, and maintaing, scenes graph. We are thinking of releasing parts of it later, to allow anyone to create interactive videos. Our interactive video system allows us to use video and pictures as parts of the movie, bringing intuitive and simple user interface, that gives viewer ability to interact with movie. User can choose which scene should be played next, making decisions that impact movie flow, and could lead to different scenes and endings. Becouse we are using web technologies, we have ability to use all information available on the web. Some interactions might, for example, lead to informati

Target Group

The target group for the Interactive Movie Platform are: - Museums and galleries, wanting to be in constant contact with its customers - All who are interested in new technologies and their effects - Those who are interested in culture and they need fast and professional access to it - Young people 10 - 15 years who, through special applications and scenarios can explore the wealth of cheerful way of separate cultures and places associated with them. - Students who precisely find information, contacts to professionals and links to related issues - Teachers who are selecting the appropriate parts of the film will be able to use them in the classroom - People from other countries who thanks to interactivity discover different culture, behaviors most distant from them - Prisoners and persons in need of rehabilitation - Disabled for whom the internet is the only contact with other - To private art collectors and gallery owners who would like to be of interest to their collections worldwide - For all who want to watch a live broadcast of cultural events


By the end of 2013 we finished the first Polish interactive film that combines drama, documentary, photo and video archive Castle in Poznan for the last 100 years. By entering the castle you can go to a movie where they all archival films and interviews with former employees, their memories, current exhibitions and festivals that take place in the castle, and an application that will allow you to explore it live in the context of a feature film. So I look forward to the next job, similar to that which I finish in Poland. I have a whole team, film and photographic equipment, computer and interactive technology that works, so we need another contract, subject to the issue of creative presentation in an interactive way.


Number of visitors and registered viewers creates a community that actively works around the film. People create videos with fun or serious artistic activities and ideas to discuss and choose. Applications can be downloaded on the video page, are expanded reality that encourages you to visit the promoted places.Film Interactive can be used freely: - A spectacular way to encourage you to visit the Gallery Muzeu etc. - As a way to promote unconventional artists, art gallery, and artistic phenomena - As an interactive series expanding with new chapters, in which the viewer can explore knowledge with bated breath. The application will inform him about the new episodes. - Movies can be specific masterpieces, revealing the secrets of creation and the details associated with it. - The film could be the beginning or the main part of an advertising campaign with a competition included in its content