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Make your Museum

Muzexperience is a social platform that transforms Museum visitors into Museum Makers. On Muzexperience, you can share exhibitions experiences posting a video URL of your visit. The goal: create rich content around art exhibitions and share it to the community. Muzexperience is a peer-to-peer art recommandation network at the European level.


Muzexperience is a new and collaborative way to share information and cultural ressources at local, national and European level. "get the audience where it is" Nowadays, recommendation through social networks highly influences how people act and live. Art and culture must be present on these platforms by offering users to create and share their own content. With Muzexperience, visitors are invited to take over, at a small scale, a parcel of European museum collections, making their own stories with art pieces, and museum buildings. By sharing those stories, each person will probably commit his friends to push, in turn, the door of museums' exhibitions. Muzexperience is a bottom-up initiative to increase museum audience. Today, fundraisers and policymakers expect museum to achieve better social outcomes and impact. Museum have to engage and connect communities with them. Muzexperience would help museums becoming more relevant to their audience and communities. Intentions: - Highlight the diversity of experiences of individuals in the museums. - Promote the exchange of experiences between the audience and participate in the construction of a discourse on art by amateur groups. - Reverse modes of dissemination of knowledge by putting the visitor in a position of designer, commentator, art critic.


Muzexperience is a web and responsive design plateform directly plugged with traditional social networks (facebook, twitter, linkedin) Muzexperience enhances video amateur practices by providing a space dedicated to the dissemination of cultural mediation through images. Muzexperience relies on the availability to the general public for shooting tools (digital cameras, cameras, smartphones), mixing and editing tools that were previously reserved for professionals. Thus, it will encourage people to use there smartphone in a creative way. Moreover, Muzexperience use geolocalisation technology by providing an interactive map that geotags the contributions. This will allow Muzexperience's followers to find easely the feedback from people who visited the museum located close to their place. In addition to the virtual experience, the idea is to organize happenings in museums to propote art literacy. Designed as screenwriting workshops (training: look, fit, fit pictures ..). These workshops can be based on the use of simple technologies shooting and editing available on smartphones, such as VIMIES or vine.

Target Group

The Muzexperience target group is young people, and social network users more generaly. For the curious, video amateur, museum lovers, or museogeeks explorers extend the visitor experience through MUZEXPERIENCE.


Muzexperience won last july the "Lille Connectée" Competition organised by Euratechnologies, OrangeLab CITC-EuraRFID in Lille, France ( and the and is now competing for Young talents Pictanovo Challenge, Lille, France ( The next steps : - Build a community of interest museum makers and videographers around the project. The Museogeek, Museomix Muzeonum communities and provide a pool of early adopters. - Seek the Muzexperience team (developer, communication, coordination ...) - Give legal form to the project - Raise funds - Partnering with museums and art centers to make them positive and dynamic relay of project to their public. I need to contact new media and creative learning departments of museums that are in daily contact with the future users MUZEXPERIENCE.  - Obtain permits institutions to film and broadcast the video online (issues relating to intellectual property rights) - Explore the possibilities of collaboration and the opportunity to organize happenings and workshop to allow people to improve their video skills, at the museum.


Establishing strong local communities of museum makers and building long term relationships with a network of museums and art centers interested in the project. Les Ateliers d'Art contemporain de Liège in Belgium have shown a strong interest in including the project in their annual workshops programme. If other cultural organisations do the same Muzexperience would begin a long life all around Europe, uniting visitors and audience at a new scale!