Innovative ideas for cultural and creative sectors in Europe

World Brain Web (WBW)

Creative Problem Solving

Development of a cooperative online application for generating ideas and solving divers problems based on analysis, analogy, combination and projection. The application works with text, images and sound and is a self-growing framework for creative groups to work in the cloud. Development of problem-centered and creativity-oriented social networks.


Creativity revolution: from information to creativity society. WBW represents a paradigm shift from software for editing, searching and transforming information to software for generating new information, ideas and solutions in form of texts, images or sounds. Creativity is a universal right not a personal asset of some elite groups. WBW is a suite of tools aimed toward the socialization of creativity.The proposed tools are assisting instruments to empower everyone´s creative capabilities and a way to learn creative strategies and approaches. Should its use become popular we can expect an increase in the number of people generating cultural products and creative problem solutions. The online implementation of the program and its databases in the cloud facilitates cooperative work and the development of networks. The group dynamics empowers creativity exponentially by including multiple points of view and diversity. There is a revolutionary idea in the use of social networks as a huge brainstorming environment by transforming them into creativity and problem solving oriented networks. Another expected result is an increase in the production of cooperative and multidisciplinary cultural products based on diversity. WBW includes modules for ideas and solutions editing, evaluation, selection, simulation and spreading that greatly benefits from group use in the cloud. WBW will represent a change in the concept of intellectual property giving it a broader and communal sense.


Computer assisted creativity. WBW is a software development and implementation of creativity tools in the cloud based on: - the capacity of modern computers to deal with huge databases containing text, images, video music and sound and to transform this information. - the possibility to place these databases on a server, remotely accessible to a huge number of users that may interact simultaneously making the databases grow. - the possibility to use the application in different platforms like PCs, tablets and smartphones. WBW is a suite of interconnected modules, grouped in the four principles of creativity. The analysis modules provide a framework to identify in a structured manner the elements of the creative problem, their characteristics, components and relations and make suggestions that may lead to a solution or innovative idea. There are also modules for evaluating and selecting. The combination modules are based on the huge capacity of computers to generate random or rule based permutations of the elements and its components generating unusual hypothesis, new relations, innovative elements and original solutions. Analogy modules empower creativity by using following algorithms among others: semantic shifting (based on dictionaries), graphical morphs, transformations and mutations, metaphors, environmental changes and transfers. Projection is the mechanism by which the brain reinterprets the reality in relation to its needs. WBW use this principle intensively

Target Group

All the problems in real life are divergent problems, they have multiple solutions and require a creative approach. Creativity is a universal right and a capacity we all should empower. That is why WBW has a universal vocation. The quantity, diversity and multidisciplinarity of its users make WBW more valuable as it includes the multiple points of view creativity benefits from. However we are aware that professionals with creativity demanding tasks would be a more direct target group: artists, writers, composers, scientists, engineers, advertising executives, etc.. Students from different levels should also be an important part of the target group, as the use of WBW is a good way to learn creative strategies and approaches as well as cooperative working procedures. My multidisciplinar activity (educational psychologist, researcher, programmer, animator, script writer, producer, film director) gives me a good knowledge of the appointed target groups. WBW is not an expert system oriented toward a specific field (convergent) but an heuristic tool (divergent) as creativity itself. However the databases, related to creative problems in specific fields, fed by a large amount of users, conform a corpus of interest in that field. Analytic modules of the application may be more field specific and can be develop depending on the user groups demands. WBW will contain tutorials and examples of use in a great variety of fields and for different target groups.


At present time there are prototypes of the interface of the computer application and of some of its modules and databases. The analysis of the whole application has been finished. A preliminary budget has been drawn up. We are now working on the business plan. The next steps are: - look for investors to secure finance. - develop a beta version in English (4 months) - develop of the marketing plan (including social networks) - beta testing of the first online version (3 months) - promotion and marketing actions (sustained) - study of the creative performance of groups using WBW compared to a control group. (University of La Laguna. Faculty of Psychology. Spain) - commercial version 1.0. Following the timeline it should be online seven months after finances have been secured. Incomes will go to finance promotion actions and the next steps. - develop and beta testing of new language versions - develop and beta testing of new generic modules - develop and beta testing of field specific modules At present time we count with the following support: Faculty of Psychology. University of La Laguna: research study. Ociera S.L.: hosting services. Fundación Canaria Animática: software licenses and equipment. Oasis Europkikara S.L.: images, video and animation production. The special tax system existing in the Canary Islands is a competitive advantage because it favors investment in software development.


The business plan is similar to the one existing in some social networks and online games. There will be a free version and premium services. Anyone can create a free account and start using the program in the cloud, to work on his own creative problems or collaborate in open projects created by others. With this policy we guarantee a critical mass of people for brainstorming and cooperation. Premium users pay a fee and get some privileges: -create group projects, open or password protected ones. -access to restricted databases and premium modules. -access to specialized contributors. -access to more tutorials and examples As an incentive for participation Free or Premium users that stand out for the number and quality of their contributions may acquire the status of Contributor User and may get paid for taking part in creative groups. There will be also special accounts for companies, educational institutions and research centers. Another source of incomes should be online introductory and specialized courses and training. As the access to information is granted, creativity is now the most important value in any field. The potential of WBW to scale to other sectors and countries has no limits and should be promote by the development of new language versions and field specific program modules and plugins. The critical factor will be the number of persons involved in this new creativity centered social networks. Promotion will play a key role in this.