Innovative ideas for cultural and creative sectors in Europe

Fund the Arts (trans. “I support culture”) is Poland's first crowdfunding website dedicated exclusively to cultural initiatives, created not only to promote and support valuable cultural projects but also to build a unique community of people who love arts.

Innovation is a place where you can submit your project, collect funds, find a patron or support promising artists. We, as the creators of the site, perceive it as an alternative channel for collecting funds for cultural initiatives. Thanks to many sponsors, very often anonymous supporters, professional artists or amateurs get the chance to pursue their dreams. It is a website dedicated to social funding of various cultural projects - from film, music, publishing and graphics to design. Everything is conducted in a friendly environment that ensures safe transfer of funds and answers to the online activities of nowadays society. The website was launched on the 12th December 2012. Since that time it has gathered more than 200 artists and their projects, of which 40 have turned out a success by collecting 260 000 PLN. So far has had more than 110 000 unique users and almost 5000 followers on Facebook and the numbers are constantly growing. Good projects, trustworthy patrons (an individual or an institution that authenticates the projects with his/her support and authority), engaged users (donators / backres) – these are the three elements that constitute the social network of

Technology is set in virtual reality and is based on ITC tools completely. It employs modern and safe online payments systems. While planning the website, the most important thing was to show the artistic nature of the projects and promote the idea of patronage, as well as to simplify all key processes for the users. The site is also linked to various social media – like twitter, facebook and google+ that enable the users to spread the word about their activities online widely and fast. The main idea of is to use ICT to support culture and to create new opportunities to those who have dreamed of their own cultural projects. Our aim is to constantly build a strong synergy among the social network consisting of artists, donators and patrons.

Target Group is open to wide groups of people who share an interest in culture, are both active as its creators or just its admirers and followers. Thanks to engaged users - members of the virtual community (both: friends and strangers) creators gather means for their artistic initiatives. With many, often small payments, one manages to collect the amount required to carry out the project. In return for their backing supporters receive gifts (promotional gadgets, tickets, opportunity to participate in the project, or simply an unconventional thank- you note).


Our aim is to constantly develop the website in order to make it even more user friendly. As an answer to many doubts voiced by the users (creators) who seem to have difficulties creating a well- built, effective and promotional project description, we would like to start up a set of workshops dedicated to building PR relations and financial requirements. Observing the growing international support and interest in the website, in the near future we would also like to create an English version of After six months we do know that small changes in the layout and some functions are also required to make the website more and more user friendly.


While working on we made a particular effort to create a space evoking positive impressions of users. That is the reason why we paid special attention to esthetics of graphic designs, understanding the users and their habits. As the marketing competition in the ICT field is immense we realized that our business goals must be followed by usable and comfortable to use designs that will attract our future users in the long run.