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WW1 - dentro la Grande Guerra

Virtual History Mapping

WW1 works on four main issues: (1) aggregation, (2) facilitation, (3) distribution, (4) people engagement in the preservation of cultural heritage. To do this, we are building an open, reliable source for WW1 historical, social and cultural content. It adds value to Italian and European culture through knowledge transfer, innovation and advocacy.


An important anniversary like the centenary of the First World War is the occasion not to be missed for a new approach to the history, places and memories some grandfathers and fathers still keep alive. This proposal has two main goals, both aimed at increasing the understanding of cultural values, valuation, interpretation, ethics and identity linked the historical and cultural heritage of the Great War: (1) to develop the specific editorial platform which will give access to all official contents produced within or linked to the WW1 project (top-down approach); (2) to refine, integrate and supply the Open Museum within the WW1 project through the Steering Committee and the University, Communication and Business Research Groups (bottom-up approach). The WW1 project works on four main issues: (1) aggregation, (2) facilitation, (3) distribution, (4) people engagement in the preservation of cultural heritage. To do this, we are building an open, reliable source for WW1 historical, social and cultural content. It adds value to Italian and European culture through knowledge transfer, innovation and advocacy. WW1 wants to make a patrimony available to the people wherever they are, whenever they want it. Finally, the project is open to people participation through a platform which pushes the transnational cooperation and the possibility to build together the European cultural heritage.


WW1, website: The interactive MAP: the project starts from the complete front interactive map which will be made available. This is the access point to all the interesting sites located in the area, according to this sample model: +The open MUSEUM: users are invited to take pictures or videos of their WW1 belongings, to tell their stories and upload and share all that with other users in the Open Museum. It is possible to link the materials to the name (for instance the name of a casualty listed in the Albo d’Oro) and to a given point on the map (for instance, the site of the finding). The information will be positioned on the territory and made available, no matter which access portal is used + 360° photo and video immersive PANORAMAS: 360° Front panoramas will immediately show visitors the major front sites either via web or through large screens located in particular places like airports or train stations where people are hanging around waiting and looking for something to kill time. The panoramas can be explored by touch or mouse or natural interaction. AUGMENTED STRUCTURES: WW1 forts open to the public, are actually empty walls or at best exhibition halls. The Army’s historical archives will provide the documents for a digital reconstruction. VIDEO: video restoration and production will be held on after unpublished, public and materials'digitalization. http://www.progettoinmemoria.

Target Group

The WW1 - inside history project has multiple aims: 1) to make the anniversary of the Great War as a memorable event with a strong impact and large economic, cultural and social benefits for local administrations, institutions, firms, people that live in the region which was the setting of the conflict - 2) to use the new technologies to assess the value of Italian territory and historical heritage with benefits for both local institutions that will be able to enrich and share their heritage and sponsors that will be offered high visibility - 3) to create a territorial marketing operation and business growth recovery with an medium/long term impact at local, national and international level - 3) to equip regions, provinces, municipalities with a platform suitable to spread and promote the cultural heritage, involving children and adults in live projects implemented - 4) to equip tourist and cultural offices with suitable tools for developing innovative projects at local, national and international level through the cultural exchange and collaboration with other areas and institutions involved in the same historical events - 5) to supply teachers, school personnel, guides and tutors professional tools for improving teaching materials for both on-site or distance education on Great War topics - 6) to supply tourist offices, tourist guides, culture and history professionals etc. tools and contents suitable for promoting the historical and cultural value - 7) to create networks.


BY MAY 2014: WW1 platform's implementation and first release - around 1000 interactive panoramas available - the Albo d'Oro (collection of Italian casualty profiles, around 550.000 names) digitalized, geolocalized and available for cross-research - integration with the Open Museum (in collaboration with Europeana). All contents are available in Italian and English. BY MAY 2015: WW1 front-line available for natural interaction at EXPO 2015 in Milan - Italian, Austro-Hungarian and German relation on the Great War digitalized, geolocalized and properly tagged for cross-research - n.2 private archives partially digitalized - 4 thematic tours avialable with the support of unplublished american and french videos. All contents are available in Italian, English, German and French.


Original and unpublished contents will be produced and spread through WW1: selected pieces of content will be sell to television channels, publishers, media in general Expected publications: Paper books - eBooks - Catalogues - Photos - Scientific articles - Educational articles Expedted multimedia products: Video formats for web series and television - Interactive videos - Videogames - Interactive content for education - Content and standards for edutainment Analyses: Thanks to the collaboration with: Politecnico of Milan and Politecnico of Turin - the School of Business of Stockholm - Screen City Lab, collected social data, social attitudes, business trends and models, new languageas and media strategies will be mapped and formalized; specific topics will be analysed; detailed reports will be offer to buy Tourism: WW1 will provide the user with a set of tools: possibility to track his own travelling - to download stuff (video, photos, textual contributes, pieces of the maps, etc.) - to comment through the social networks - to access booking platforms for hotels, museums, etc. - to access Ecommerce platforms to buy publications and other materials strategic agreenments have been defined with italian tour operators. Fees from booking will contribute to run WW1. Scientific environment and outputs: Articles, blogs and thematic contents will be mostly provided in the scientific and journalistic area of the platform. Scientific original outputs and models will be available.