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04 February 2014 06:53p.m.

Spaniards and abandoned furniture

Abandoned furniture in the street is a very common thing in Spain. Spaniards are used to abandoning their furniture anywhere near public disposal containers, even in the city center. Furthermore, consumerism of the early 2000’s caused a large amount of furniture to be thrown away while they were still in very good condition. This is very bad for the environment, but fortunately Spanish people love to collect and refurbish abandoned furniture.

In times of wealth, the only people to do that were non-resident students, artists, gypsies, and a few fans of “bricolage”, otherwise known as DIY repairs. Now that times are harder than ever, those people affected by the bursting Spanish property bubble, the economic crisis, and rising unemployment have embraced this practice. They are the main reason why promoting the habit of collecting and refurbishing abandoned furniture is so important.

The idea behind the HE/DE project is to create a network that aims to encourage creative people to share, collect, and refurbish furniture abandoned every day on Spanish city streets as a fresh and innovative form of sustainable livelihood, and not only as a way of subsistence of the poor.